So many people pay thousands for beautiful websites that will showcase their dental practices.  I’m here to tell you that most of the time, it’s a MASSIVE WASTE of time and money!

Now don’t get me wrong… Having a good looking website can work wonders for your business if it’s done correctly.  But many designers miss the boat completely.

If you don’t come up with answers to the questions that people want the answer to and create an instant offer around it people will simply digitally walk off of your website and find the answer somewhere else.

It’s really just that simple!  Now you’re probably thinking, I don’t want to go back to my web designer that didn’t do this in the first place and get quotes thousands of dollars to put buttons and forms on my site.  Don’t worry, we can do this for you. If you’re a dentist in Ithaca, we are focusing our efforts to help you specifically.

How can we help you?

Each person who inquires will go right into your email inbox so your staff can call them right away to setup an appointment.  The first step is to place a heatmap tracking software on your website so we can see where people are clicking when they visit.

We usually charge $199 for the heatmap tracking, but because you read this article and are looking use call to actions on your website, we won’t charge you anything to get this done for 30 days.  That’s right, free!

So what does the heatmap do?  It will get you a detailed report of where people are clicking around on your homepage.  How can this help?  If you know where people are clicking, you will know the best place to put a button that someone can inquire through.

It’s just that simple!  For$0 you can’t go wrong with the heatmap tracking.

Click the button below and get in now, it’s only available for the first 10 practices that inquire.  There is a short video on the next page to explain exactly how the process works.  How’s that for a call to action 😉